Organic agricultural estate in Umbria - Italy

Welcome to the Colle San Paolo organic agricultural estate in Umbria.

On the slopes of Mount Solare, this family-run estate is made up of 130 hectares of pristine landscape on the green hills surrounding Lake Trasimeno: streams, oak woods (80 hectares), centuries-old olive groves and cultivated fields. We mainly produce organic olive oil. We have about 2.000 plants, 250 of which are more than 150 years old.

We are an “agriturismo“, (from the words agriculture and tourism). This means that we have restored our historical farmhouses, creating comfortable apartments for tourists to enjoy the surrounding nature, the local food, the Umbrian wines, our organic olive oil, and explore the beautiful and interesting region.

A peculiarity of our estate is the Bronze Age (1.200 B.C.) settlement that has been found by the Archaeological Superintendence of Umbria on the top of Mount Solare.

It is possible to walk to the top of the Mount Solare, and also through our estate and in the neighbouring ones, on a series of trails. You will find maps and descriptions of these in the section “Walks and MTB” on this website.

Another reason for interest is the “Molinella” complex: three water mills built at the beginning of the 18th century near the stream that used to feed them. The cottage “Il Girasole” is the first of three mills to have been built here. The mills, that were used by the farmers to grind wheat and make flour, are an important testimony of the old rural culture of Umbria.

Nearby is a Map of our estate, with the location of the three farmhouses.


This is the plan of our estate, with the location of the three farmhouses (Fontanelle, Molinella and Poderaccio), a few minutes away by car (or 15 minutes on foot) from each other.

At the centre you will see the main house of the property, called Muserale, where we live. It was built, as were the farmhouses, at the beginning of the 18th century by Captain Antonio Mariotti, who also built the small chapel at the entrance of Muserale, dedicated to Saint Apollonia.